Convert data to knowledge

How much data do you have in your organisation and how much of it is actually used to drive decision making?

The Amcuity approach is to always ensure we are using data to answer key questions. Much of the data within an organisation will be stand-alone, separate from other data sources, with some of it not ever known about. Even with access to all data, many businesses are not realising the potential of integrating it to provide knowledge about their operations, and drive future investment and focus.

The RedAlytics platform provides a centralised service where data can be converted to knowledge. Providing both simple, static and interactive, dynamic dashboards, RedAlytics can also create reports across data streams to derive in depth knowledge. The platform can be used by anyone in the organisation - it provides vital visibility on all of your data and is invaluable in the decision making process of everyone from IT operations and management through to the marketing, customer service and finance teams.

Find out how we can make your big data small with our overview and solution briefs.

Amcuity and RedAlytics overview
Real time Transaction Extraction Solution Brief
Infrastructure Assessment Service
Application Assessment Service