Data Feeds across different data streams

Utilising real time, user data derived from multiple data sources Amcuity
delivers an integrated suite of technologies and services to collect, correlate,
analyse and report on your available data. 

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Gather & Correlate

Accumulating data from every part of your business. 


Analyse & Report

Free your data to provide the insights required by all parts of the business.


Deliver & Support

Maximising your investment and supporting you every step of the way.

Amcuity Data Collection

  • Machine Data

    Machine data is the most well know source of data. Every server, application, operating system, network switch, router, firewall, wireless device (and many many more) create LOGS (Machine Data).

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  • Wire Data

    Wire data is the richest source of data available to any business. Information about every interaction between systems and ultimately users and your applications and data.

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  • Agent Data

    Agent Data is derived from specialist tools which are able to look deep into the workings of applications and systems to provide information which is not available anywhere else.

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